If a resource you need is not in our catalog, we can get it for you via Interlibrary Loan. Your request can be made by filling out the online materials request form, by coming in to any of our public libraries in the county to request the item, or by calling the request in to your local branch or the interlibrary loan clerk. Documents may also be obtained through interlibrary loan. You are limited to four items per request. Occasionally, an academic library may impose copy and mailing costs.

Your search for materials can be conducted by accessing To request items you must have a valid library card and be in good standing with our library system.

Interlibrary Loan is conducted over the World Wide Web. The library system is able to search over 48 million bibliographic records, describing over 800 million items in libraries throughout the world. More than 400 languages are represented. This service is made possible through membership with AMIGOS and OCLC.